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About David Gerding


 About David Gerding

David Gerding, MBA, is an associate professor in the Department of Interactive Arts & Media at Columbia College Chicago. His technology career began in 1987 as the national advertising manager for a pre-Internet electronic publication that was the world's first to be independently audited for circulation. In the early nineties, at game developer CyberDreams, he served as Marketing Manager and later, as a leading technology related editor, columnist and writer, Professor Gerding published in over twenty national and international technology publications, trade and consumer.

Professor Gerding is a McCarthy Technologies certified team and collaboration skills facilitator, a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and a co-author of the programming text “ASP.NET Namespace Reference” by WROX Publishers (2002). He owns Versive LLC, a business development and technology-oriented consulting services firm. His consulting clients over the years have included both consulting firms like McKinsey Company, Sanwa Bank, DFC Intelligence and McCarthy Technologies as well as small to mid-size enterprises and startups in a variety of markets.

As a researcher in the field of serious games, Professor Gerding has served as Principal Investigator of ~$1.8 million of federally funded cooperative agreements and managed an additional ~$1 million research grant in the serious games field.

He is currently Principal Investigator of Construct, a cooperative agreement with the Human Research and Engineering Directorate of the U.S. Army Research Office. Additionally, Professor Gerding is evangelizing his vision of "constructive games" - games that render lasting, tangible value as a function of play.